Versatile Veneziano

   Veneziano is one the more recognizable looks among our plasters, popularized recently by many of the decorating shows. In its basic form, the sleek, polished look is widely employed in contemporary and classic design. Use it on an accent wall, as the background wall for a gallery or in the master suite.


Golden Aura

It is like watching the setting sun when you approach this master bedroom vestibule.  Mouse over the photo to see the original.



Lavender Twilight

A lilac gray background layer sets the stage for the dramatic gold leaf.



Desert Sunset

A blonde base filters through a bronze layer, creating a scene that resembles the effect of the sun's diffused rays on clouds. Both coats are pulled through a stencil for more interest.


Modern Marble

Layers of black and chestnut frame this fantasy of marble.

Bronze Heritage

Contemplate the intricacy of the ages in the depths of this lustrous metallic-look application. 



Vineyard Haze

 The bouquet of a fine Zinfandel seems to drift from the surface of this highly burnished Napa Valley varietal hue.