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What is Tadelakt?

  Ancient art, is the shortest description. Produced ONLY in the Marrakech area, Tadelakt is the world's oldest lime plaster. It is universally acknowledged as the most magnificent (and most difficult to apply) of the limes. Tadelakt has been used in the palaces, riads and baths of Morocco for centuries because of its beauty and durability.

   Tadelakt also is unique among lime plasters because it can be used for interior and exterior surfaces. While it is most commonly applied on walls and ceilings, Tadelakt also can be used to coat other cementious objects, such as chimneys, baths and showers -- even pottery.

When learning is hard work

Tuscan Impressions' owner Eve Gray mixes pigment in a tub of Tadelakt during the weeklong classes under a Tadelakt master in Marrakech.




Other companies sell a faux-Tadelakt that does not use original Marrakech materials, and applicators often do not use the traditional Moroccan methods.

 The artists at Tuscan Impressions, as you have come to expect, do it the right way. We took on this marvelous finish only after studying the ancient application methods under artisans in Marrakech.



The tradition   of Tadelakt

Tadelakt is a manual compression finish that demands a balance of water and patience. True Marrakech Tadelakt contains no synthetics and has a higher clay content than typical lime plasters. (See the cooked lime in photo to the left.)

A Tadelakt finish is a labor -intensive project that is worth the effort.

It is applied using a large wooden trowel, then compressed  with aggressive circular motion of the trowel to bring the water to the surface in the form of a cream.

Smoothing with a stainless trowel is the next step, followed not too quickly by the use of a smooth-faced river stone, known as a gallette. It is the gallette  work that closes the plaster.

The final step is applying a Moroccan olive oil soap with the gallette, to give the Takelakt its moisture resistence.

Cooked lime at the factory

Tadelakt in burnt orange

Tadelakt with straw added

 Tadelakt almost shows up the food

American Clay Italian Plaster Tadelakt About Us Links American Clay Classes Buy American Clay Home


Eve Gray, Master Artist