Marvelous Murs D'art

   Murs D’Art is a cellulose-based plaster suitable for applications where sound-proofing qualities are appreciated. A must for home theaters and music rooms, this application is especially versatile, because it can be molded or applied with a stencil for a three-dimensional effect

Villa Muro

    Let your eye trace the breakaway texture of this combination of brick and plaster created

 with murs d'art.

Davis home, Kennesaw

Mason's Masterpiece

   Feel the realistic texture and warmth of aged brick for a fraction of the price.



Catasta Pierra

Touch it. Look at the grout lines. It's stacked stone.



Sera Pacifico 

Sound-suppression is one of the most impressive uses of this versatile plaster, as shown here in a home theater.

Bamboo Ombra

   Bring an exotic touch to any room by adding a stand of bamboo to your plaster.