Mesmerizing Metallo

   Our latest and hottest plasters come in 24 color variations of gold, bronze, silver and verdis.  These are still the renown  ArteNova lime plasters from the world's finest limestone quarries. Our chemists add mica dust to create the metallic properties.

Bronzo Antico y Oro        

   Have your own aurora in any room with these metallics. Watch the plaster dance  in  artificial or natural light.


Meadows Home, Atlanta


Rame Brunito Antico Ossidato


Combine our metallics with our exclusive Prontofresco finish,  which is applied as block on the walls of a study.



Argentato Antico Metallo

Because it resembles brushed nickel, this silver metallic was chosen to enhance a powder room with nickel fixtures. It  is set off exquisitely by the creamy peach Prontofresco on the walls.





Fiume di Rame

Give your powder room a burst of rich color (and match your sink) with this finish inspired by a worn copper penny.